Dr. Marian Ślifierz – Invest Energy Day speaker.

Dr. Marian Ślifierz – a research worker of the Polish Academy of Sciences, since the 90ties was holding a state position in the Polish Regulatory Office, responsible mainly for foreign cooperation. During his work at this office Dr. Slifierz trained regulators from over 30 countries, mostly within the frames of OECD, International Energy Agency and Energy Regulator’s Regional Association. He also worked for various bodies of the European Union dealing with energy regulation.

Since 2008 he has been the President of MS Consulting, a company offering consultation services to over 300 companies from the power sector. Dr. Ślifierz has prepared, with a team of his coworkers, an analysis of the Ukrainian power sector in the field of renewable energy.

Mr. Ślifierz hires top Polish energy sector experts, including former energy regulators, ministers and university professors. Now his company is also looking for trade partners, who produce equipment for dwellings.