Alternative Energy Week


The biggest specialized conference in renewable energy market in Ukraine and all East Europe

20-23 November 2017

Business Centre Parus

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About conference

We invite representatives of alternative energy sphere companies, governmental structures and investors to attend the biggest specializes conference in renewable energy market in Ukraine – Alternative Energy Week.

For 4-day the platform of BC Parus will bring together key people, top and line managers of the top alternative energy from Ukraine and other countries.

Alternative Energy Week will be held in the format, which consists of two blocks. During morning session will we will share with you successfully realized projects in renewable energy sphere. Company’s representatives will show acting and future projects, point out key problems of own power plant introduction and ways to prevent them, determine key trends and expectations in the upcoming years. In the afternoon we will conduct the workshop, which will bring together the best companies of industry: engineering and consulting companies, equipment producers and distributors, financial institutions, law firms, industry associations and governmental structures.

Alternative Energy Week – is a unique opportunity to meet old and new friends, establish business communication, conclude an agreement, learn from the experiences of successful companies and know about innovations of alternative energy sphere.

Each conference is:




best market representatives


networking platform

Upcoming events

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23 November, 2017

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Official partners



AB Industrial Group became the participant of Alternative Energy Week workshop platform.
The AB Industrial Group has been operating for over 30 years in the field of cogeneration and the promotion of energy from renewable sources. AB is currently made up of 24 companies and over 700 employees and is a single entity able to manage, by itself, the entire manufacturing cycle of a cogeneration plant: consultancy, […]
Radiy became the participant of Alternative Energy Week workshop platform
Radiy is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-tech products in the field of automated control systems and protection of nuclear and thermal energy. With over 900 highly qualified employees, five design offices, and manufacturing, testing, and qualification facilities, Radiy is dedicated to supporting our domestic and international customers. Company provides record-short installation times […]
Dr. Marian Ślifierz – Invest Energy Day speaker.
Dr. Marian Ślifierz – a research worker of the Polish Academy of Sciences, since the 90ties was holding a state position in the Polish Regulatory Office, responsible mainly for foreign cooperation. During his work at this office Dr. Slifierz trained regulators from over 30 countries, mostly within the frames of OECD, International Energy Agency and Energy […]
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